Are you ever confused when you go into a coffee shop and want to order a drink? Or when you hear people talk about coffee? Below are some explanations of some of the most basic terminologies you will often hear.

Basic/Types of Coffee:

Arabica: A type of coffee, named by the first coffee nation, the Arabs (makes sense) – this is the type of coffee mostly used in good coffee shops especially for making espresso based drinks - aka our favorite way to drink coffee.

Blend: Coffees from different regions blended together to create a “blend” of coffee. Sometimes there can be up to 9 different types of coffees in one blend - just like many of our delicious Lingo Coffee flavors. All blended together just like our proud Rainbow Nation.

Bourbon: A type of arabica species, more commonly found in South America, especially in Brazil. Also known as a good alcoholic drink - one we tend to abuse over weekends.

Coffee (you thought this was obvious didn’t you): a cherry fruit, which usually has two seeds/beans inside. These beans are either dry roasted or wet-processed after which they become green. When roasted at high temperatures, this “green” bean becomes what we call coffee. And thank f*ck for coffee.



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