Lingo Coffee is measured is smacks - or klaps to be exact. We believe this is truly the best way to describe the punch our coffee gives you.

Mix that with South African culture, and you have a recipe for success. Our unique coffee flavors (Gatvol, Snot Klap, Jou Ma Se, Chommie, Befok, PK, Mamparra and Babelaas) are truly inspired by South Africa. These terms are thrown around on a daily basis, in both a heartwarming, and a not so heartwarming way. Which just ads to that true South African feeling.

So no matter what type of day you’ve had, we’ve got a coffee for each situation.

Gatvol - for those days when you are completely fed up with life. This coffee is a great mood lifter.

Snot Klap - High in caffeine and perfect for when you want to high-five someones face.

Jou Ma Se - Pure good coffee made like only your mamma can.

Chommie - A coffee that is so addictive it will be your new BFF!

Befok - One of our top sellers and always ensures a befok lekker coffee experience.

PK - This is by far our strongest brew. It will truly feel like Mike Tyson himself has punched you into next week.

Mamparra - Our coffee that’s made to impress. Don’t look like a fool, look good infront of your loved ones when you give them a cup of this delicious coffee.

Babelaas - The coffee that most of you will consume -  the hangover cure. This bad boy is high in antioxidents and caffeine to get you over that night out.

Lingo Coffee is perfect for any situation and brings the humor & culture back to the coffee industry. Order yours today!



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