There are quite a few types of coffee drinks available. Some sound good, and some sound, well quite cr@p to be honest. Let’s examine.

Affogato: An espresso drink with a scoop of ice cream inside. Clearly something catered towards children.

Americano: An espresso drink made with one part espresso and 3 parts of hot water. The way real men drink their coffee.

Cafe au Lait: Strong coffee traditionally made with a cafetiere and mixed with equal parts steamed milk and poured at the same time into the cup. We like the strong part, not so much the cra@p name.

Caffe Freddo: The Italian name for a cold iced version of a milk based espresso drink like a cappuccino or latte, more commonly known as a frappuccino. The nicest way to sum this up is that it is a coffee for pansies.

Caffe Latte: Traditionally an espresso mixed with 3 times it’s size of steamed milk. Who the hell wants an espresso with even more milk!?

Flat White: Originally an Australian version of a Latte but with less froth. It’s becoming a popular offering in more trendy cafes. And for that exact reason, we shall not be going to those cafes.

Macchiato: Also known as espresso macchiato. Macchiato means “stained with”, so it is a shot of espresso stained with a spoon of frothed milk. Sounds good to us!

And lastly,

The Mocha: also known as Caffe Mocha – an espresso milk based drink using chocolate syrup or hot chocolate powder. Meaning it is yet another childrens coffee drink. Honestly, who the hell puts chocolate syrup and powder in coffee!? Maniacs, that’s who!

If you want more informative (and sometimes opinionated) views on coffee. Let us know.  



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