Jou Ma Se Coffee Wholesale (Boxes of 6 bags)

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As a wholesale client you can now order our sister brand Lingo Coffee. This brand is a fast seller and will definitely become one of your clients favorites.

Please note that these are all based on a box of 6 bags per variant, so for each variant you select there will be 6 bags processed.

Pronounced: "Jou-ma-se" -  5/10 KLAPS (STRENGTH)

Our Jou Ma Se coffee is slapped together using a mixture of beans from Brazil, El Salvador, and India. A well-balanced  dark roast with a slight hint of nuttiness and smokey dark chocolate after-notes. Lively, with a sweet biscuit aroma.

Meaning: Your mother’s…

Jou Ma Se is a prime example of Afrikaans slang.  The English equivalent is 'your mother's' and it‘s highly insulting to a stranger but oddly endearing amongst friends. Well, in South Africa anyway.



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