PK Coffee Wholesale (Boxes of 6 bags)

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As a wholesale client you can now order our sister brand Lingo Coffee. This brand is a fast seller and will definitely become one of your clients favorites.

Please note that these are all based on a box of 6 bags per variant, so for each variant you select there will be 6 bags processed.

Pronounced: "Po-es-klap" - 10/10 KLAPS (STRENGTH)

Our PK coffee is made from a single origin Indonesian bean. This is our premium-grade, ‘no nonsense’ strong coffee – dark roasted, with full aroma. Mild cocoa notes and subtle, complex fruit flavors roll into a lingering, rich, dark chocolate aftertaste.

Meaning: Nasty; very effective smack

Those few unfortunate souls who have ever had the pleasure of getting one of these actual bad boys across the face will know exactly the type of strength we are talking about. 



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